‘Going Green’: What does this mean for our Earth and why Marley contributes

The phrase ‘Going Green’ has become increasingly important in today’s world as we face a ‘triple planetary crisis- the crisis of climate change, the crisis of nature and biodiversity loss, and the crisis of pollution and waste’. As plastic continues to pollute our shores and choke vital ecosystems, it is now more important than ever for businesses, governments, and us as individuals to fight against these issues.


What is ‘Going Green’?

Going Green means making lifestyle changes that encourage you to live more eco-friendly and become further aware of environmental issues. The decision to start ‘Going Green’ can include minimising waste, recycling, and making more sustainable choices to contribute to a greener future. The choices we make to sustainable living, no matter how small or large, can make a positive change to the earth and protect the environment for future generations. Many businesses and governments are now also striving to reduce their ecological footprint through their practices. The House of Marley, a well-known audio brand, is an industry leader in sustainability and commits firmly to eco-friendly practices as well as charitable causes.

Why does The House of Marley contribute to ‘Going Green?’

The House of Marley contributes to the 'Going Green' movement as we want to display our commitment to sustainability, by crafting products from mindfully sourced materials. Materials matter at The House of Marley- all the House of Marley products are made from recycled and upcycled materials. One of our main materials is bamboo, which is a highly renewable and easy maintainable natural resource. FSC certified wood is another upcycled material in our product design, which guarantees that harvested trees will be replaced and regenerated naturally. Certified FSC forests are dedicated to supporting environmental sustainability, protection, prevention of illegal forestation and healthy forestry. Additionally, our products also incorporate upcycled fabric, upcycled silicone, recyclable aluminium, durable wood composite, and are all delivered in 100% recyclable packaging. By crafting our products from sustainable materials, The House of Marley strives toward product innovation, reduce our carbon footprint, and promotes a circular economy.

Another reason why the House of Marley contributes to ‘Going Green’ is that we want to continuously support global forestation and partner with charitable causes such as One Tree Planted. One Tree Planted is a non-profit organisation that supports global reforestation by planting trees around the world. Global reforestation can help in receiving cleaner air, better water filtration, increased biodiversity, climate regulation, social impact, and contribute to health & wellness. Every purchase of a House of Marley product helps plant one tree. Since 2017, The House of Marley have planted 350,000 trees in partnership with One Tree Planted. In 2023, more trees will be planted across the globe to areas that are needing our help. Through these partnerships, we not only contribute to a greener future, but raise awareness for other individuals to join us in the ‘Going Green’ movement as well.

The ’Going Green’ movement is essential for individuals to help make a difference through developing lifestyles that promote sustainability and contribute to a greener future. The House of Marley is an industry leader in demonstrating a commitment dedicated to sustainability through our product design and manufacturing, as well as our commitment to charitable causes. By crafting our audio products from mindfully sourced materials and embracing our partnership with One Tree Planted, we actively contribute to the protection of the earth. By choosing the House of Marley audio products, you can feel confident knowing that not only are you able to enjoy premium audio quality, but you are also making a positive impact on the environment. Join us by ‘Going Green’ so that we can work together to create a more sustainable and greener future for the earth.

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