Pair-2 Lets You Wirelessly Connect 2 Speakers

The Pair-2 feature found on some of our House of Marley Bluetooth speakers allow you to connect 2 speakers wirelessly to sync the playback of your music.

What does that mean you can do? Host a party and sync up your speakers to play in your living room while the other one plays in the kitchen. Bring your speakers to the beach where you can enable the Pair-2 feature to get even more boom. Watching a movie on your laptop? Connect 2 speakers to enhance your movie experience. Amplify your sound virtually anywhere you bring your portable Bluetooth speaker!

The Pair-2 feature can be found on the Get Together Mini and No Bounds speaker range. Simply turn on your speakers and hold the Bluetooth button down for 2 seconds to enable pairing mode(X2) which which will then appear on your device to connect. You can connect your speakers up to 15 meters.

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