The Best Ways to support Musicians in Australia

Australian musicians spend their whole lives creating music that’s passionate and that resonates with the wider community. For them to continue making music we love, they need constant support from their fans. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many Aussie musicians are struggling to survive due to cancelled shows and decreased funding and need your support more than ever. If you’re a fan of Australian music and want to support your favourite musicians, here are some of the best ways to do so. 

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Attend their concerts.

One of the best ways to support Australian musicians is by attending their concerts. Shows can earn musicians the most money, as they usually make more from ticket sales compared to streaming or from merchandise. Attending their concerts is also a great way to share their music with your family and friends and support them financially. Pre-purchasing shows that are in the future is also major driving factor. “Committing that money is the number one sense of security for an artist if they’re going on tour”, says Electronic artist Alice Ivy on an article discussing how to support the struggling Australian music industry right now.

Buy their merchandise and music. 

Purchasing merchandise from Australian artists is another great way to show support. Streaming services are convenient but provide minimal compensation to artists. Streaming sites such as Spotify pays an average $0.00437 per stream to a musician, and Apple Music pays $0.00783. Although streaming does help, buying merchandise or music directly from their website can help them earn much more from their work and is a great way to show your support and promote their music. 

Share their music on social media.

Social media is a great tool for musicians to connect with their fans and promote their music. Interacting with an artist’s social media channels can boost an artist’s morale and help them reach a wider audience. By tagging them on social media or engaging with other fans can increase their visibility and bring more exposure to their music. 

Lobby for government support 

If there’s an opportunity with organisations to lobby the government to take further care of artists, find ways to help and support that push. Having the government proactively protect the Australian music industry will also protect Australia’s rich and diverse music culture. The COVID-19 pandemic hit the Australian music industry especially hard, with many musicians struggling to make ends meet, impacted by lockdowns, cancelled shows, and decreased funding. The push for government support not only helps artists, crew, but other industry workers affected by these factors. 

Supporting Australian musicians requires a collective effort from fans and the wider community. By doing these small things can make a big impact in their support. If we continue to do so, we can help our Aussie musicians continue to make music that we love for years to come.

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