Travelling on a plane- what headphones to use?

Taking a good pair of headphones with you on the plane can make all the difference. When flying, a decent pair of noise-cancelling headphones to drown out the plane’s whirring allows you to enjoy watching your in-flight entertainment in peace.

Here are some key features to consider when selecting headphones for air travel and what headphones you should use.

The Style of Headphones

There are three styles to choose from, including in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear headphones. In-ear are the smallest and easiest to carry but may not include noise-cancelling features you need for air travel and may be uncomfortable when wearing for too long. On-ear headphones are slightly bigger but may not provide as much noise cancellation as over-ear headphones. We recommend over-ear headphones. While they are the bigger and bulkier, they are the most comfortable option and can provide great noise-cancelling features to drown out the plane’s engines. 

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Noise-cancelling features

As previously discussed, noise-cancelling technology is vital for air travel. This is extremely useful on airplanes, where the jet engines can be very loud and distracting. By reducing the amount of external noise you hear, noise cancelling headphones can help you relax and enjoy your in-flight entertainment without any distractions. 

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Good battery life

Good battery life is another important feature to consider. You don’t want your headphones to run out of battery halfway through the flight, so look for headphones that have a long battery life and quick-charge technology. 


If you'll be wearing your headphones for long periods of use, then comfort is key. Find headphones with padded ear cups or extra cushioning for ultimate comfort and help you relax. Adjustable headbands are also good to look out for, as it can help you perfectly fit it to your head.


Lastly, compare the brands and prices of headphones you are interested in. While there are plenty of budget friendly options available, investing in a good quality pair of headphones can be well worth its value.

The House of Marley offer a range of in-ear and over ear noise cancelling headphones that make a perfect choice for travellers, and we recommend a must-take product for your next flight.

The Positive Vibration ANC XL over-ear wireless headphones are a great option that values style, comfort, and functionality. With industry-leading battery life, you can enjoy a full 26 hours of continuous playtime with Active Noise Cancelling on and 32 hours with Active Noise Cancelling off, so you can watch your movies or listen to music in peace without distractions or fear of losing battery. They are also equipped with premium memory foam ear cushions and headband padding for maximum comfort, perfect for those who want to comfortably relax long into the night. Seamlessly connect to any Bluetooth-capable device to experience deep bass and premium audio quality you won’t find anywhere else. Sustainably crafted with our signature bamboo design and stylish colours in Black and Copper, these classic headphones are perfect for fashion-conscious travellers. 

If you like a more portable option, the Rebel True wireless earbuds are the ultimate purchase for those who prefer earbuds to headphones, but still want noise cancelling features. Unlike over ear headphones, these wireless earbuds are designed to be small, compact and lightweight, making them perfect for long flights and easy to carry. They’re also built with high performing Echo Noise cancelling to deliver the unparalleled audio experience, and comes in two classic colours, Black and Cream to match any outfit. 

When choosing the perfect headphones for air travel, noise cancelling technology should be the first thing you look for. Look for a comfortable, portable pair of headphones with a long battery life, high-quality sound and noise-cancelling technology to ensure that you can enjoy your in-flight entertainment in peace.

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