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Meet House of Marley's Little Bird True Wireless Earbuds. Crafted from bamboo and recycled plastics, these eco-friendly earbuds offer 6 hours of playtime, and up to 24 hours of listening with 3 additional charges. Intuitive touch controls make music management swift and simple, and the built-in microphone ensures clear calls. Enhance your audio experience with movie and gaming modes and enjoy quick charging via USB-C. The Little Bird Earbuds bring conscious craftsmanship and superior sound together with a natural aesthetic that speaks for itself.

  • Crafted with sustainable materials
  • 24-hour playtime (with case)
  • 6-hour playtime (without case)
  • Intuitive touch controls
  • Built-in microphone
  • Movie and gaming mode
  • USB-C Quick Charge
  • Small, medium and large color-coded ear gels included
  • 2-year guarantee

Materials Matter


How do i perform a reset and clear pairing list?
  • Tap either earbud 7 times
  • The earbuds will flash white 3 times indicating they have been reset
  • Place the earbuds back in the case
Can i use a single earbud on it's own?
  • Yes. Whilst paired, if you remove only one earbud from the case or go from using both and put one back into the case, a single earbud will continue to work on its own. Taking the other earbud out of the case will automatically pair them together in stereo mode.
How do you use the Touch controls?
  • Skip track
    • Hold the left earbud for 2 seconds to skip backward
    • Hold the right earbud for 2 seconds to skip forward
  • Change Volume
    • Tap the left touch sensor 1x to lower the volume
    • Tap the right touch sensor 2x to raise the volume
  • Activate voice control
    • Tap the left or right touch sensor 4x
  • Play/pause music
    • Tap the left or right touch sensor 2x to play/pause music
  • Call Control
    • During a call, tap the left or right touch sensor 1x to answer a call
    • During a call, tap the left or right touch sensor 2x to end a call
    • During a call, press and hold the left or right touch sensor for 2s to reject a call
What is Game/Movie Mode and how does it work?
  • Game/Movie mode improves the audio sync from your device and headphones to make it a more enjoyable experience by more correctly synchronizing the audio to the video on your device. Note: Game/Movie mode may decrease the overall playtime of your earbuds.
  • You can activate Game/Movie mode by tapping either earbud 3 times
What is the size of the Little Bird TWS?
    • 0.85 x 2.2 x 1.78in (21.7 x 56.5 x 45.1mm
What type of cable should i use to charge Little Bird TWS?

A USB-C charging cable is used to charge Little Bird TWS

How long will it take to fully charge case and the earbuds?
    • Full charge: 2 hours (USB-C) or 3 hours (Wireless)
    • Quick Charge: 15 mins = 2 hours playtime


How do i power on/off the earbuds without the charging case?

When the earbuds are on and removed from the case, press, and hold the side of the earbuds for 7 seconds to power off or press and hold for 4 seconds to power on


How do i get a good fit with these earbuds?
  • We suggest that you first try on each size of the ear tips included in the box to find the right fit for you.
  • Then make sure that you place the earbud marked L in your left ear, and the earbud marked R in your right ear.
  • You can gently pull your earlobe down and place the earbud inside your ear, which should help it enter a bit further into the canal for a secure fit. You will achieve a good fit when there is a seal inside the ear, so the earbuds will not fall out easily.
    • Note: You may have to use a different size ear tip for each ear.
How do i pair Little Bird TWS to my device?
  • Remove the earbuds from the charging case and they will automatically go into pairing mode
  • From your device’s Bluetooth menu select “Little Bird”
  • After the first pairing the earbuds will automatically pair with this device when removed from the case