Get to Know the 'Get Together' Bluetooth Speakers

Want an eco-friendly and portable speaker?

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Make the most of the outdoors with our Get Together 2 Bluetooth Speaker range. Portable and crafted from upcycled materials, there is something for everyone. 

Get Together 2 Mini 

The Get Together 2 Mini is perfect for on the go. Its portable size is great to bring to a picnic or the beach, and easily chill by the pool as it’s IP67 dust and water resistant. Packing 20 watts of power and multiple EQ modes, this speaker is small but highly mighty. Its premium features include +2” Full Range Drivers, Dual Passive Radiators, a USB-C Charging cable and advanced Bluetooth technology so your device can be up to 45 feet away while maintaining connection. Plus, with 15 continuous hours of playtime and quick charge technology, you can relax without worrying about your battery life. Compatible with IOS and Android, you’ll experience that classic Marley sound no matter how you connect.

Get Together Duo Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

These award-winning speakers are best for elevating the space and sound around your home. With its signature eco-conscious bamboo design, you’ll be proud to display it on your desk or counter. The mains powered left speaker and 20 hours of playtime from the portable right speaker create superior stereo sound and high-quality bass that is perfect for larger spaces, but the coolest feature is being able to wirelessly connect both Bluetooth speakers as a pair, or switch to Mono mode and use one on its own. Have a dance party in your living room by pairing them up with the Stir It Up Wireless turntable to get the ultimate surround sound experience.

Get Together 2

Although the speaker is in the middle size of the speaker family, its crisp, vibrant sound is still something out of the extraordinary. This portable speaker delivers superior audio quality without sacrificing its refined, design elements including its signature bamboo face and eco-friendly REWIND™ fabric. With 16-20 hours of playtime and quick charge technology, you can keep the music going all day without having to worry about recharging the speaker. IP65 water and dust resistant, you can feel confident chilling by the pool. When it’s not on the go, it makes a great functional statement piece on your office desk or counter. It’s perfect for listening to your favourite podcasts, music or audiobooks and will easy find a home in any room. 

Get Together 2 XL Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Get Together 2 XL Portable Bluetooth Speaker is the largest and most powerful portable speaker in the range, with 60 watts of power to knock your feet off the ground. This new model can amplify any space, with Outdoor/Bass Boost EQ modes to shake the ground even further, perfect for indoor or outdoor gatherings. As its also IP65 dust and water resistant, you can bring the party anywhere. Its 16-20 hours of playtime and quick charge technology lets you party to your favourite songs all throughout the night, so kick off your favourite tunes with this speaker’s supersonic superior sound. 

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